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Welcome to ELREHA Printed Circuits home page. Elreha is located in St. Petersburg. Florida.  
ELREHA, Florida
Our Mission  
ELREHA Printed Circuits is committed to being the premier circuit board manufacturer in North America. Our dedication to quality and service is a major component in our efforts to make Elreha Printed Circuits something special in the circuit board industry.
ELREHA's modern facility, located in ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA, has been designed to assist you in the manufacturing of today's increasingly complex circuit boards.
ELREHA takes its customers' product challenges as its own, and continually seeks ways to assist them in producing their products in a faster and more efficient manner.
ELREHA is looking forward to an opportunity to show you its facility and to discuss how it can work with you to face the challenges of today's rapidly changing printed circuit board technology.
Company Profile  
ELREHA Printed Circuits, established in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1990, is an international company with facilities in Austria, Germany, France and the Netherlands . Our 65,000 square foot facility provides high quality circuit boards for automotive, commercial and military applications.
ELREHA is proud to be one the first circuit board houses certified to the quality management system of QS-9000/ISO-9002. In addtion, ELREHA is mil certified for Class I, II, and III type printed circuit boards.
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